Mid North Real Estate is a family owned business employing locals and recognised through the Mid North for our exceptional results. Our strong business growth, specialising in residential, rural & land sales has ensured our success and continual expansion through the Mid North.

What we can say, with absolute certainty, is that should you decide to deal with us, you’ll never have cause to doubt that you have appointed an agent and a team of salespeople who will act with your best interests in mind at all times. All our sales team are training and experienced in negotiation and we’ve built a solid reputation for obtaining excellent prices for our customers. When you deal with us, it is quite simple – there is no charge unless happily sold.


The important points of:

How to choose an agent:

  • Invest in a valuation
  • Be careful of the agent who gives you a big quote
  • Be more careful of agents who avoid the ‘price issue’ with clichés such as ‘it depends on the market’
  • Ask the agents what they will do to get the highest price
  • Never hire an agent you don’t like

Paying an agent:

  • Cheap agents can mean cheap prices
  • If agents cut their fees, they will also cut your price
  • A skilled negotiator can be worth an extra 10% on the selling price of your home
  • Warning! Use the golden rule – never pay any money to an agent for any reason until your home is sold and you are fully satisfied with the agent.
  • It is unethical to offer different rates to different people for the same service
  • Instead of focussing on what the agent gets, focus on what you get – focus on your ‘net’ price

Advertising & marketing:

  • Agents advertise to promote themselves, not your home
  • Very few homes are sold from advertising in major newspapers
  • Despite twenty times as much advertising, the same – or less – number of homes are being sold
  • Many agents receive huge kickbacks from newspapers
  • Advertising reaches millions of readers but most readers are not home buyers in your area
  • As all buyers come into an area before they buy, agents should focus on their local area
  • If agents had to spend their own money on advertising, they would spend far less
  • Never pay money in advance to an agent for advertising


Graeme Nield & John Watters have had 16 years of Real Estate experience specialising in Residential Sales in the Clare Valley. Graeme has achieved Australian Awards in top 5 salespeople in Australia & New Zealand, as well as winning the prestigious Real Estate Institute of SA gold award for 2015 Local Residential Salesperson – Regional.